pregnancy cost in Singapore

How much does pregnancy cost in Singapore?

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Babies are meant to bring joy, but this is not the case in Singapore since they aren’t that welcomed. The rate of birth in 2015 was 1.4 which was below the required 2.1 meant to replace the population. Many couples usually blame heavy costs.

Having said that, are kids really a burden especially when on the budget? What’s the pregnancy cost in Singapore?

1. Prenatal checkups

When you are positive after a pregnancy test, you will be required to plan with your gynaecologist for regular prenatal checkups. These checkups usually start in week six to eight & they are performed every month, escalating to a weekly basis in the last trimester. Enrolling for the package is cost-effective.

Apart from these checkups, the package involves scans & blood tests. However, you might be required to shell out much for prenatal vitamins which aren’t part of this package. The cost of blood tests is about S$100, & it involves HIV testing too. The test for Down Syndrome is not mandatory, where the cost is dependent on the test that you undertake, & the pregnancy stage that you are presently in. The cost is between S$150 and S$3,000.

When you opt for the cord blood banking, the charges could escalate up to S$10,000. Cord blood banking usually store the blood for the baby’s umbilical cord in the cord blood bank. The blood might be useful later for blood related issues or immune system disorders. One can utilize the Child Development Account or even the baby bonus to make payments.

At the public hospitals, packages may be as cheap as S$400. In case you opt to have a personal doctor, the package is going to vary. Some will charge as cheap as S$650. Others will ask for an amount over S$1,800. The charge for the antenatal package at NUH is S$845.30 together with a consultant & S$984.40 together with an experienced consultant.

Price: over S$400

2. Maternity wardrobe

As you observe your baby bump grow, the maternity wardrobe should also grow. Borrow from a licensed money lender, friends & family. In case this is the first kid & you anticipate to have more, purchasing your maternity clothes can be a worthy investment. To be more precise, you are at liberty to select your own style.

Price: S$0 up to S$1,000

3. Prenatal classes

For parents who are first timers, these classes are really essential. Most hospitals offer them, teaching the parents everything that they should expect starting from labor up to baby care, the techniques for nursing & nutrition tips.

Classes range from S$50 up to S$250 for every class. One can choose as many or even as few as they wish.

4. Baby stuff

Babies need paraphernalia. Cots, Diapers, car seat, milk powder, swaddling cloth, changing mat, baby detergent, baby soap, bottles & teats, bottle brush, clothes, breast pump, wash cloth, bibs, beddings, baby shampoo, baby tub, stroller, sterilizer, diaper cream, changing table, toys, play pen – the list is endless.

We cannot put a price tag here since it depends on the kind of living that you want your kid to have & what you can afford. Just to provide you with a rough idea, cots can range from S$89 to S$1,288; strollers may be tagged under S$100 or higher.

Price: budget about S$1,000 for starters

5. Delivery fee and hospital stay

There are several variations: public vs. private hospitals, epidural vs. au naturel, cesarean section vs. normal vs. assisted birth, the multi-bedded vs. private room. Prices can range from S$1,900 to S$5,500 for just a common delivery and a 2 day stay period in the single-bedded room. Caesarians may double the costs. Pain relief also costs extra. In case the baby requires some help when being born, the bill escalates.

Again, there is a gynaecologist’s fee after the delivery. Some mothers pay S$1,600 while others spend over S$3,000 for the service for the natural births only. The paediatrician that checks your baby will charge a fee, also. That adds another S$300 up to S$400.

Singapore residents can benefit from the Medisave Maternity Package (MMP) in order to account for pregnancy & delivery-related charges.

delivery fee- S$1,900 onwards
gynaecologist fee- S$1,600 onwards
paediatrician fee- S$300 onwards

6. Postnatal care
Confinement nannies may be helpful. You will really enjoy an entire month of being pampered-baby taken good care of & only presented for breastfeeding, meals when needed & uninterrupted sleep at night for the mums since someone else is tending to your newborn. The rate for such things nowadays is between S$2,000 and S$3,000.

Another thing that you should worry about is your newborn’s vaccination. The first set of vaccinations will be given free at the government polyclinics, & are going to cost you around S$100 to S$200 in case you are getting them at the private clinics.

Price: S$2,000 confinement nanny

7. Childcare

In case you do not have a grandparent just in case the mom goes back to work, then you should account for childcare cost in your budget. The infant care services range from S$1,200 per month though Singapore residents get subsidies. The cost for hiring maids range around S$550 every month which is the cheapest. Nannies are even pricier – over S$700 every month.

Price: S$550 onwards

8. Pregnancy insurance

Many insurance companies situated in Singapore give pregnancy insurance, or a maternity insurance. The plans normally cover delivery costs & related complications like a C-section & stillbirth, congenital illnesses for your child, hospital care benefits, & the neo-natal care. Some optional coverage, for a much higher premium amount, similarly involves prenatal consultations & scans.

The premium rates are determined by your age, the coverage time needed, the amount of insurance & optional covers that you choose, & the insurance provider too. Premiums range between S$30 & S$170 every month.

So what should you to anticipate spending for the pregnancy?

With pregnancy subsidies, delivery & infant care, your fresh addition is going to set you back S$8,000 less. However, moving to public hospitals can involve a longer waiting period for appointments. Whatever route you opt for, as compared to the joy that is going to be brought by the baby, it is just a small price that you will pay?

Before you begin making these hefty though crucial expenditures, consider the manner in which you can utilize various credit cards to maximize your savings & rewards with your expenses. Cash back or the rewards credit cards can be helpful, since they give savings or might be redeemed into vouchers in order to offset purchases in the future. Or simple visit to find out the personal loan.

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